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Bethany, Montana, March 19, 2003 - As our nation prepares to go to war against Saddam Hussein, a new batch of Nostradamus quatrains is making the rounds through the global community garnering distinction as the most downloaded news story this week. Nostradamus, a 16th century seer who some claim foresaw space flight, world wars, the Kennedy assassinations and 9/11, collected his original quatrains in Les Propheties, published in three installments from 1555 through 1568. Nine hundred and forty two quatrains or four line stanzas survive.

Nostradamus scholars are studying the new set of eleven quatrains, attempting to authenticate their veracity. When asked about his initial impressions, Ibin Qayam, a renowned Nostradamous researcher, said, “The syntax, diction, word choice and abstract imagery of the quatrains are consistent with Nostradamus’ other work. It’s uncanny…inexplicable. Inshallah, we will soon know whether this work comes from Nostradamous’ hand or if it can be disregarded as a clever forgery.”

The public’s keen interest in the quatrains seeped into the White House Press Room yesterday morning when Alexander Mashburn of Politics Network asked the President’s spokesperson if the obscure stanzas could portend outcomes of the imminent war with Iraq. Amid a rumble of polite laughter, the President’s spokesperson deadpanned, “It means the name “Hussein” will never figure into American politics again.”


Omega begotten
At the third month, twenty and three
Drunkard, dullard is the Eagle’s head - Bish
Lies for War, black gold

In the New World
Year of the Cross
Twenty and Twelve
Shall arise the Persian Dagger

Mohamedan, Viral
Falling the Eternal City
In Days, Forty and One
Solstice laments

Pride, Conceit, Arrogant Display
Once a Street-Sweep, Sits upon the Throne
Wracked from David, the sculpture in ruins
Wicked Sphinx — vengeance, crimson bath

New alliances, Sacred Ox
At century’s close, the Twelve Tribes
Will defeat seven sitting Kings
Morning clouds, amber tides

Throes of locusts, frogs, fish descend
Rain the Old and New Cities alike
Mongrels abound
Babylon, thou words are dead!

Message from nails and timber
Golgotha, voice anew, speaks
Astray, Persians and West!
Third sunrise, Golgotha alive

Plague, pestilence, eels and lice
When the Sun bows five times
To twenty-one, thirty-nine
So shall the Last Empire

Popes, priests, poets alike
Tribute to twenty-four, forty; Thirty-one, thirty-five
Hoof beats in the East
As a zebra, but a horse

Wolf, doppelganger
His word goes out
In lightning, rivers
Coursing, buried veins of glass

Caesar weeps, Pontius’ folly
Now! Now shall Constantine’s Empire
Surrender to Cyrus
Marauder, vagabond, scoundrel, skull


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