Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Karass, Synchronicity and that Elusive Sophomore Novel

I jabbed a stiff period onto that suffering pad of yellow paper. I had achingly scribbled out the latest handwritten installment to my second novel. And then I sat nestled in the arms of my old couch and I thought about the passages that had just been born…

The aliens have explained how consciousness creates the physical universe and how the initial phantoms of three dimensional reality achieve final solidity through the communed considerations of multiple consciousnesses, a process called collective conscious, a perpetual cosmic machination governed by the equation:

E = mC2 = Con3

where E is energy, m is mass, C is the speed of light and Con is consciousness.

…which all suggests that synchronicity should not surprise us.

These truths inform and influence conversations and experiences throughout the novel’s restaurant scene, a vignette of synchronized convergence where all of the major characters of the story cross paths at an eatery. One of the characters is a water molecule…Aetch-to-oh…a character born during my recent trip to Niagara Falls…he’s in a glass of water, listening.

What a karass of characters I’ve burdened myself with!

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