Saturday, June 26, 2010

Latest Reader Review, "Resolution 786"

Isabel Gildyn posted her Amazon review of Resolution 786 earlier this week. This is the first time that a reader's review has made specific mention of the "trial of Jesus Christ" as part of the novel's storyline. Ms. Gildyn is right; it's in there.


  1. I read the review in the link and when I'm done with my current read, I'm going to get this book! I'm glad I stopped by your blog. A very nice blog you've got here:)

  2. Why, thank you, Alexis! Let me know what you think of the book once you're done.

    I like the poems on your blog, especially the one titled "turning into me." Flashes of Cummings peppered with Sandburg's visceral honesty. I enjoyed it; the summation of life's sensations and emotions, the summation that forms self.

  3. Interesting stamp on Vonnegut's card. By the way, I consider him one of my spiritual mentors. Not that I'll ever be able to write as brilliantly, but sometimes the unachievable can be a wonderful carrot.

  4. Stewart,

    And if you read Vonnegut's work, you have an idea about what's represented by the image in the stamp (smirk).

    Don't sell yourself short; you might write as brilliantly (or even more brilliantly) than Vonnegut someday.

    Happy 4th!