Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creating Characters

Tabitha Olsen's blog, Writer Musings, had an instructive post on using Character Worksheets. I'll take this tool out for a test-run the next time I'm working on a new piece of writing.

I wonder if the Lord used something similar when he created Adam? :)


  1. You know, I laughed at first when I thought of God using a character sheet for Adam. Then I started actually pondering it...

  2. Me too, Amanda :)

    And what would G_d have put on that character sheet?...hmmm...based on observation, the man who begat all men would: (1) think about sex constantly (2) love tools even if he didn't know what they were used for (3) never ask for directions, and (4) love "The Three Stooges" from age 9 to 90.