Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reading Club Questions, Resolution 786

I recently made an offer to U.S.-based reading clubs: I'll join your group discussion of Resolution 786 via telephone. A reader once asked for a list of questions that his reading club could use to guide analyses of the novel. On the chance that the list might be useful to other reading or book clubs, I've provided it below.

How about you? What questions would you suggest to reading or book clubs to help guide their discussions of your latest work-in-progress?


Reading/Book Club Questions for Resolution 786

1. Is the Indictment of the Lord a fair document? Why or why not?

2. What religious identity (i.e. – agnostic, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Pagan, etc.) best fits Adam Hueghlomm?

3. Most novels and other dramatic works have protagonists and antagonists, good guys and bad guys. Who are the bad guys in Resolution 786? Who are the good guys?

4. Does Becca love Adam? What makes you believe that she does or doesn’t?

5. Is Resolution 786 anti-war? Why?

6. Is Resolution 786 anti-God? Why?

7. Based on the novel, what do you believe the author believes with regard to God?

8. In what ways, if any, are the circumstances of Adam Hueghlomm’s life like those of the life of Jesus of Nazareth?

9. How did you feel after finishing the novel (sad, hopeful, perplexed, angry, etc.) and why?

10. Page 29 makes reference to the Prophet Muhammad’s Jewish wife. Prior to reading Resolution 786, did you know that he had a Jewish wife? Were you surprised? Why or why not?

11. Are you comfortable with the author’s cubist style of volleying between the past, present and future?

12. By the time you reached the trial, did the writing immerse you to the point that you accepted the “fantastic arena” without a mental jolt?

13. What insights do you think that the author hopes you will gain from reading Resolution 786?

14. Which character(s) in Resolution 786 could you see yourself being friends with and what would be the nature of that friendship (i.e. studying colleague, hunting companion, romantic partner, etc.)?


  1. Those are really thought provoking! I doubt they'd get through half of those in one session.

  2. I agree, Oddyoddyo13. Any one of those questions could take a full session of discussion, so my thought is that they'll pick one or two or three of their favorites and go with those.

    Hey, I loved the photos of marine life that you posted to your blog. Life manifests in infinite beauty on our wonderful blue marble of a world. It's nice to see that you take the time to enjoy and celebrate the diverse splendor of our Mother Earth's children.

  3. As you said, one question could easily be the topic of discussion. All of them make you think.

  4. That's true, Marnie. At least for me, one of the prime functions of literature is to make the reader think. The other is to entertain the reader. Ideally, every work would do both. That's my goal as a writer.

  5. As a book club member, I know I've always enjoyed thought provoking questions to help guide the discussion.
    Have a great week!

  6. Thanks, MT! After reading the Louisa May Alcott quote on your blog ("She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain"), why am I not at all surprised that you're a book club member :)

  7. Excuse me, Dear Friend!I have not read it.

  8. That's OK, Amin. A lot of people haven't :)