Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Indictment of G_d?

In the following question, a reader asks about the indictment of G_d in Resolution 786.

The reader asks:

Mohamed, The story line seems to contain an indictment (pardon the pun) of a particular version of God (known in many circles as OOO, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient). What would you say to that? Is the book against that version of God? Is it just pointing to questions that are asked by spiritual seekers in trying to determine how their concept of God fits their theology? Something totally different?

Mohamed answers:

Dear Reader - I see it's time for some literary hardball/fastball :). Only kidding -Resolution 786 is a novel all about asking the hard questions and your particular question is certainly consistent with that theme.

First the short answer: No. My novel is in no way meant to be pejorative towards any concept of G_d or towards any framework of spiritual belief, to include the belief that the Cosmos is inert of spiritual elements.

That said, why a storyline that focuses on the Abrahamic “face” of G_d? Simply put, because that’s the face that I, through the circumstances of my birth and life, am most familiar with. I was taught to pray in a certain direction, in a certain way and at specific times of the day. I was taught a set of stories that depict a G_d who behaved out of jealousy and anger and who, at times, hurt and killed. As a child, I questioned that G_d. I got older; I lived in Africa, Europe and North America; I traveled on pilgrimages to Varanasi, Kathmandu, Jerusalem and Mecca, into the rituals of the Masai in Kenya and through the ruins of the Mayans; I read; I lived with and loved souls of different faiths. Now, through the mosaic of those life experiences, I no longer question the G_d of my youth. I question humanity and the choices that we make for ourselves.

Adam Hueghlomm lives in a prison of his own making, trying to force logic and linearity onto a phenomenon that lends itself to neither. The notion that one may find G_d through entirely logical means is akin to saying “I will reduce the process of falling in love into an integrated set of first order differential equations and when I solve for variable ‘x,’ I will be in love.”

You can’t. I tried.

And so G_d is a minor player, background scenery in the stage that frames the story of Resolution 786. In the end, it’s a story not about G_d, but about us and our struggles and our choices and the world that we’ve created for ourselves, a world in which we see a tremendous, hopeful spirit of human kindness residing side-by-side with a shameful disposition towards butchery.

Is Resolution 786 an indictment of G_d? No. Rather, it's an open-eyed, full-frontal exploration of ourselves.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for thinking. Thank you for taking the time to ask the hard questions.



  1. That's such a thoughtful answer. And you're kind in giving such a lengthy response. I don't know how I'll respond to questions when the time comes.

  2. Thank you, Medeia!

    I've seen the variety, volume and depth of your reading list. I've read the premise of your forthcoming book. With that much intellectual stimulation and creativity in between your ears, you'll have no trouble whatsoever providing well-developed, thoughtful answers to your readers' questions.

    Happy weekend!

  3. oh wow! that sounds like an interesting book!(and an interesting life!) it might be a good idea to have a link to your book on amazon when you post about it, to help the tech-incompetent writerfolk find it. :)

  4. Dear aspiring_x,

    Why, thank you! {blush}.

    Thanks for the tip about including an Amazon link. I usually don't include those kinds of links on my blog because I see this forum as a venue for sharing ideas rather than selling, but you're right in that the Amazon page includes multiple reader reviews that may provide alternate perspectives of the novel.

    Hey, I like the artwork that you share on your blog. Interesting imagery!